Portraiture is a formal process that is to be treated as an occasion; the camera is well understood by everyone and yet it is complex and not something you can easily build from scratch.  Well, I want to scratch my head with you - according to Clarke's Third Law - any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And so I invite you to cast some spells with me.

I love every moment  when creating an image that freezes time. I have since I was a young boy, and now I understand this feeling as Photography. It is a summary of a chapter or the beginning of a new one; thereby giving my subject the chance to show their true character ...or to reinvent it. I work to expand the inner world of the person based on my strong understanding of character.

People have many sides - at least two! However as a sympathetic individual, I don’t judge, as my job requires me to play with all the sides of your character - the portrait is not something I do to you; it is something we do together with fun and professionalism. 

My photographs are moments but also movements, so sometimes I take your lead or I lead but we need to work together to stop the clock; cheat death and live forever on celluloid (or pixels!). As a Londoner, I breathe the city's moving stillness, its multiculturalism and its antique traditions. They inspire and fill me with wonder. I hope I can share this feeling with you through my photographs.